5 Tips For Picky Eaters

Do you have five tips for picky eaters? If so, you just might be the kind of person who needs a little help in the department of healthy eating. It’s hard to be picky about food if you’re not in love with it or don’t think it’s delicious, but even the most thoughtful of us can get caught up in the thrill of the moment when we’re eating out. Here are 5 tips for picky eaters, whether you just need some additional advice about healthy food or are trying to figure out how you can eat better for your long term weight loss goals.

One: Find some kid friendly restaurant recipes. The best tip for picky eaters I can offer is to find healthy kid meals that your children will actually eat. That doesn’t mean you have to replicate every single meal your kids eat at fast food restaurants or takeout, but you can focus on making meals that appeal to younger eyes and bodies. The easiest way to do this is to find free or low-calorie meal ideas for kids meals, as well as kids meals that using lower fat ingredients.

Two: Develop a menu that you like and can be adjusted as your kids grow. I know many picky eaters who have tried to eat everything in sight when they were a toddler. Now, they rarely have the impulse to go all out, especially if it’s something that they haven’t tried before. You can still cook meals that are fun and healthy for them without having to sacrifice taste as their ability to appreciate new foods diminishes. If you find that something is going well, consider adjusting it to a healthier version, or introduce something new on the menu that will appeal to your toddler.

Three: Make sure to monitor your child’s eating habits. If your child is gaining weight, you may want to increase the portion sizes of their favorite foods. Picky eaters often turn to junk food when they are hungry, so you should watch for how much they are eating and make changes accordingly.

Four: Try to add variety to your meal times. Some picky eaters are known for complaining about having to eat the same three foods every day. By serving up different choices at mealtime, your toddler will not get bored with the same old foods and develop better eating habits. This is also a great way to teach your child that there are some good and healthy options to choose from.

Five: Don’t forget to reward good eating habits. It’s often easy to do this when you are creating healthy meal choices and trying to create something new for your kids. Simply praising good eating can help get them started in a positive direction, while discouraging bad habits only serves to weaken them further. Use rewards to get your picky eaters interested in nutritious foods again, and you’ll both enjoy the benefits.

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